DIY Pizza Bento

Another favorite lunch for both of the kids--a do-it-yourself pizza bento!  The best part of making it at home is the ability to add extra meat and cheese, plus a favorite kind of sauce for just a fraction of the store-bought price.

In this lunch, we have a deconstructed pizza option, with a container of red sauce, a container of shredded mozzarella, pepperonis, and flat bread rounds, sliced in half to fit in the box.  To the right, we have a strawberry flavored Greek yogurt bar (also cut in half and stacked), grapes, and a tube of Gogurt which is TMNT themed since they go really well with pizza.

Lunch is packed in our EasyLuncboxes with the small container being ELB Mini-Dippers!

 Disclosure: I am a Gogurt Lunchbox Blogger.  This lunchbox was created as part of my relationship with Gogurt and I was compensated for my time and design.  All opinions expressed are my own.