A Puzzling Bento for Ben

I'm really not sure what the theme of this lunch is this week.  We have jigsaw pieces and lion picks, which does make it rather puzzling.  (Yes, I do amuse myself, in case you were wondering.)  I love the puzzle sandwich cutter from Lunch Punch since it only removes the crusts.  This is basically the whole sandwich!

Ben has ham and cheese on whole wheat in this lunch, cut with one of the Lunch Punch puzzle cutters.  I separated the sandwich into the corners so I had room to tuck a cutie orange in the middle of the large compartment.  That's in a silicone cup to keep it from touching the sandwich.  To the right, Ben has a hardboiled egg sliced up and some fresh strawberries.   For snacks, he took yogurt, a cheese stick, and a granola bar.

Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes and most of the picks & cups were purchased from All Things for Sale.