Make Bunny Snack Crackers!

It's only a couple of days until Easter and everyone probably knows what they are cooking for dinner. But what about a cute snack for the little guests at your house? While you pass out the crudités and deviled eggs for the adults, add a plate of our bunny snack crackers for the kids to enjoy!

What you need:
  • Round crackers
  • Pepperonis
  • Cheese
  • Another luncheon meat that cuts easily (bologna, ham, or turkey in packages work well)
  • A small bunny shaped cookie cutter
  • A straw

How to Make Bunny Snack Crackers:
  • Lay out your round crackers and top each with a piece of pepperoni.
  • Using a small round cutter (even a medicine cup works in a pinch), cut circles from the other luncheon meat and stack those on top of the pepperonis.
  • Cut bunnies from the cheese.
  • Using a straw, cut out eyes and noses on your bunny cheese.
  • Top the meat and crackers with your bunny cheese and serve!

What treats do you like to make for Easter?  Our other favorite is Easter Peep cupcakes!  Make and ice cupcakes, then top with green coconut "grass", a few jellybean eggs, and a Peep!