Quick Bento for Faith

Just a quick lunch for Miss Faith, since she needed to take something with her.  I also used it as the opportunity to finish out a really yummy loaf of sour dough bread!  Score one for me.

Faith has a ham and havarti sandwich with mayo on the sourdough bread.  I didn't have much cheddar left, so I cut a couple of cute butterflies for decoration and tucked the remnants into the sandwich.  For sides, she chose a granola bar, sliced strawberries, and carrot salad.  She loves raw carrots this way!  Just buy matchstick carrots, toss a half a cup of them with a teaspoon or so of Italian dressing and let it sit for awhile to really marinate well.  I just pack an extra fork for her to eat them with.

Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes, heart pick is from All Things for Sale!