Egg Salad Croissants Bento

The kids have been asking for egg salad lately, so I boiled a dozen eggs so they can get their fill.  There is no secret to how I make it, just boiled eggs and mayo to taste (we all do not like finding chunks of onion or anything in our egg salads).   I found sound lovely little pretzels croissants at the grocery store so they seemed like the perfect fit for lunch!

For lunch, the kids took deconstructed egg salad sandwiches.  I was worried the croissants would get soggy, so the egg salad is packed separately in a larger silicone cup. I sliced the croissants and added spoons so that they could make their sandwiches at school. We picked up some fresh berries as well, so Ben took blueberries and blackberries as his side dishes.  Faith opted for strawberries and carrots instead.  For snacks, I sent granola bars, cheese sticks, and yogurt tubes.

Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes, music note pics are from All Things for Sale!