Disposable Bento for a Field Trip

The kids each had a field trip this week to a working ranch which also works doing bird tagging and tracking.  Since they were gone all day, the school asked to send a disposable lunch and snacks, so we opted for our "traditional" berry containers and decorated paper bags in lieu of a traditional bento.  I also surprised the kids with fruit squeezers for the trip!

Obviously, this lunch is Ben's.  He wanted bologna and cheese on wheat bread for his sandwich, along with blueberries and a granola bar.  I used a deeper berry container, so the sandwich fit perfectly on its side with a bit of room for the blueberries.  I had to cut the granola bar into bites to make it fit.  I froze the Fruit Squeezer and the Gogurt to help act as ice packs.

Ben asked me to decorate his lunch bag but to surprise him with the design.  Since my ability to draw a realistic looking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is fairly limited, I went with a semi-kawaii version in my own head.  He recognized it and it was never meant to look like a cartoon copy!

Faith's lunch was essentially the same, but with a turkey and cheese sandwich instead.  Since I was out of deep containers, she took two smaller berry boxes, each with half a sandwich, then the rest of the food divided between the two.  She also let me pick her lunch bag design, providing it was something she was going to like (got to love 12 year olds!).  She got an owl.  It was hoot-iful.

Need more field trip ideas?  Check out our DISPOSABLE tag!  If I have to send throwaway lunches, I feel better using containers that were destined for the recycle bin anyhow.


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