Field Day Snack Bento

Last week of school for the kids at their charter and the year culminated with a field day. Since it was only a half day event, they didn't need to bring lunch, so I opted for a quick snack box in case they were hungry or had a chance to stop and eat.

Ben had made corndog muffins for a Cub Scout project earlier int he week, so we decided they were the perfect snack item.  He took two of those, along with some cheese, for protein.  Since he was outside, we opted for fresh fruit as the other item--cantaloupe chunks, topped with a piece of honeydew, cut out as Boba Fett!  We're loving how well our press cookie cutters stamp designs on melon.

Snack is packed in a PlanetBox Shuttle.  We swapped our standard magnets, with the red outdoors scene, for these cute aliens!  Perfect with Boba Fett.