Fit & Fresh Bento for Faith

It's always interesting how similar lunches seem completely different when you switch up the boxes. The contents of this one are very similar to Ben's lunch the other day, but packed in a different box (one of our Fit & Fresh bentos with the built in ice pack).

In this lunch, Faith took turkey and cheese on pretzel croissants because she was "not in the mood for chicken salad".   Since I have both, it wasn't a big deal either way, and I think she prefers chicken salad scooped onto crackers.  To the right, she took larger containers of cantaloupe and honeydew, since she didn't feel like berries, and in between her sandwiches, we tucked two mini blueberry muffins.  Not pictured, she also took yogurt and a granola bar for snacks.

She's also loving the new lunchbox case Fit & Fresh sent us.  It's so pretty and we love the browns and pinks together!