Mexican-Style Bento Lunch

While we're off camping in New Mexico, I saved a couple of lunches to share!

Occasionally, we go with a themed lunch and we love to take advantage of the in-school microwave option.  I try to send things that are easy to heat up and just need a paper towel to rest on.

In this lunch, we combined theme and microwave for a yummy Mexican lunch.  The kids took homemade beef and bean burritos (I love this recipe from Real Mom Kitchen) along with salsa to dip them in and some tostada chips too.  I added a side of cantaloupe and a Gogurt, and likely a granola bar for a snack (usually a safe bet). Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.

  Disclosure: I am a Gogurt Lunchbox Blogger.  This lunchbox was created as part of my relationship with Gogurt and I was compensated for my time and design.  All opinions expressed are my own.