Camp Invention, Day 2 Bento

Another day, another lunch, and another round of "What Food is Left in Our House"!

Since a lot of our food remaining is dinner items, I'm repurposing the leftovers in to lunches.

Today, I used leftover meatballs from two nights ago.  I gave them a quick brush off to remove the sauce and added a dipping container of BBQ sauce instead.  Since they were initially Swedish meatballs, I didn't think they would be great cold.  Cold BBQ is much better.

I used about 7 meatballs per bento, then added in a few crackers for an extra starch, along with sliced apricots, strawberries, and a few carrot sticks.  We are now out of meatballs, BBQ sauce, and apricots!

Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes. The BBQ sauce is in a matching Mini Dipper and the silicone cups are these 4-Inch Large Baking Cups from Casabella.