First Day of Invention Camp Bento

Since our movers are coming this week, I decided that it would be a brilliant idea to send F&B to day camp for the week and just take care of everything on my end without worrying about them.  Ben went to Camp Invention last year with a friend, so he wanted to go again and we learned there is a CIT program Faith can take part in as well!

Of course, they still need lunches, so this week, lunch will be featuring food that needs to be eaten before the move!

Monday's lunch included a steak sub sandwich, using out the last two hamburger buns and the last of the thin steak slices from the freezer.  Two the right, we have a few coconut cookies and a mini granola bar, along with some sliced strawberries.  For snacks, they took Pirate's Booty (on sale at the grocery in individual sacks, so I had to grab one), some type of gummy snacks, and a tube of Gogurt.

Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.  The sandwich pick is just one of a set of about 100 heart picks I found at the dollar store.