Make Easy Minion Puddings

Are you looking forward to the new Minions movie? We certainly are!

 To celebrate, we made very easy, very cute Minions puddings! Would you like to make these too?

What You Need:
Yellow pudding - we used lemon, but banana works too!
Fruit by the Foot, the blue/purple combo
Mini Oreos

How to Make:
Mix up your pudding, let it chill and set.
Spoon pudding into smaller bowls, almost to the top.
Cut Fruit by the Foot to be about an inch longer than the diameter of the bowl, separate the two colors and wrap the purple piece over top, sticking it to the outsides.
Carefully open mini Oreos and set aside the part with the white filling still on it (eat the top!).
Place a brown M&M on the center of each white cream filling.
Place the Oreos on top of the Fruit by the Foot to make the minions' eyes, one or two per minion, whichever one you like best.

Wouldn't these make really cute cupcakes too?  Just switch the pudding for a cupcake and add yellow icing to them, similar to our TMNT cupcakes for Ben's birthday last year!


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