Snack Bento in Our Goodbyns

One of the good things about moving?  You find things you didn't even know you owned!

I had totally forgotten about these cute Goodbyn snack boxes, so since I found them, we had to use them.

I purchased cheesy garlic breadsticks at the bakery the other day, so I broke two of those in half to fit them in the box.  I used the matching dipping sauce container for some red sauce, because marinara needs to accompany breadsticks.  I also sliced up some old cheddar cheese for a bit more protein.  To the right, I added strawberry and cantaloupe chunks in the two compartment container that came with the set.

These boxes are Goodbyns that I bought at Target a couple of years ago.  Still trying to find the actual name of the boxes, I keep finding the Bynto and Hero boxes online and these aren't them.  I want to say they are snack boxes, but I think they had a catchier name than that.  If you know which kind, leave me a comment please!