Day Camp Lunches, Pack for a Week at Once! Day 1

Since it's summertime, the kids have assorted day camps to attend and are required to bring lunch.  Since I love the whole "Pack for a Week" concept (see Week 1 and Week 2), I brought it back for day camp lunches.  While these are for camp, there is no reason this wouldn't work for school lunches too!  It's still five lunches, five days.

To organize lunch, I opted for EasyLunchboxes since they stack the best in the fridge.  To keep things even more organized, I opted for rainbow order lids.  And because it was cute, I matched the fruits to the lids.  We keep our fruit cut in containers in the fridge anyhow, so there's no different between my normal containers and the lunch boxes.

I added main dishes to each box or made notes on what needed to be added in later in the week (since I planned on using leftovers for at least one lunch) and left the smallest compartment open for dry snacks to be added the morning the lunch was needed.  Each day, Ben was required to bring portable snacks, so I sent frozen yogurt tubes, squeezy applesauces, and a protein bar.  We had a separate area of the fridge for his snacks so I wasn't looking for pieces on Friday.

For the first day of camp (Monday), we used the red lid and the fruit of the day was strawberries.  His main course was a cold tuna mac salad with peas that was leftover from Saturday night's dinner.  I filled the whole compartment with it since it's a Ben favorite.  I added cinnamon Teddy Grahams to the smallest container for his treat of the day.  As mentioned, he had three additional snacks and told me it was plenty of food.  Day 1, down!

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