Day Camp Lunches, Pack for a Week at Once! Day 2

Since it's summertime, the kids have assorted day camps to attend and are required to bring lunch.  Since I love the whole "Pack for a Week" concept (see Week 1 and Week 2), I brought it back for day camp lunches.  While these are for camp, there is no reason this wouldn't work for school lunches too!  It's still five lunches, five days.

Day Two of camp was orange day, since we are using rainbow order.  I used the orange lid from our Easy Lunchboxes and sliced up two apricots for fruits on Sunday night.  Again, I prepacked as much as I could to keep our mornings simple and knew what was going to be later additions to each box.

Monday night, we had mini pizzas made from some yummy naan I had picked up, so I had planned on Ben taking one in his lunch during the week anyhow.  He wanted it asap, so I left the Tuesday box open to be filled Monday night after dinner.  Filled is a generous word as all I had to do was put a pizza in the main compartment.  Tuesday morning, all I had to do was add some pretzels and his snack picks, and lunch was ready to go.

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