Day Camp Lunches, Pack for a Week at Once! Day 3

Since it's summertime, the kids have assorted day camps to attend and are required to bring lunch.  Since I love the whole "Pack for a Week" concept (see Week 1 and Week 2), I brought it back for day camp lunches.  While these are for camp, there is no reason this wouldn't work for school lunches too!  It's still five lunches, five days.

Day Three of camp was yellow day, with the yellow EasyLunchboxes lid and cubed pineapple as our fruit of the day!  Since we had leftover pineapple, I'm made piƱa colada popsicles too!  It is still up for debate whether or not I want to share them, they are that good.

I usually plan at least one sandwich day when I do a weeklong menu plan, since it's always a great back-up option.  This time, Ben picked bologna and cheese on wheat bread, which I cut with our favorite dinosaur cutter.  I was going to decorate him with spots and spikes, but I was low on extra cheese, so I had to save that for actual sandwiches.  Wednesday morning, I added in Minion cheese crackers, along with Ben's daily snack picks.

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