Day Camp Lunches, Pack for a Week at Once! Day 4

Since it's summertime, the kids have assorted day camps to attend and are required to bring lunch.  Since I love the whole "Pack for a Week" concept (see Week 1 and Week 2), I brought it back for day camp lunches.  While these are for camp, there is no reason this wouldn't work for school lunches too!  It's still five lunches, five days.

Day Four of camp was green day, with the green lid and honeydew chunks.  Originally, it was going to be kiwi day, but I ended up needing the kiwi for another recipe, and the sliced kiwi in the above picture was the last one I had, so we had to make a last minute switch.  Being that Ben likes both kiwi and honeydew, it wasn't a big deal to him.

We haven't made wrap sandwiches in awhile and I had some fresh tortillas, so I made Ben homemade wrap sandwiches.  Wraps keep well in the fridge if you don't add lettuce, and Ben isn't much of a lettuce fan on his sandwiches.  I warmed the tortillas in the microwave for about 8 seconds, spread garden herb cream cheese on them, sprinkled shredded cheese, then layer on deli ham and rolled them up.  As you can see, I was going to slice them into rounds because they look prettier, but decided after cutting the first one that it was much easier to add a pick and just leave them as is.  The 5-day camp idea was to make lunch easier, not more complicated.  On Thursday morning, Ben wanted chocolate Teddy Grahams for his sweet, then he took his usual round of snacks (yogurt, applesauce, and protein bar).

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