Make Strawberry Fish!

Want an adorable summer treat for your kids with very little work?  Or a cute cake or cupcake topper that's sort of healthy?  Check out these strawberry fish we made this week with just strawberries and a candy eye per fish!

You'll need fresh strawberries in a few different sizes.  We pulled out larger ones for the bodies and smaller ones for the tails.  For the candy eyes, I usually buy the Wilton ones since they are easy to find at most stores with baking supplies (Target, Walmart, Michael's, etc).

How to Make:
  • Core out the stem of the larger strawberries (body pieces) with knife and slice each in half.  Lay them on your plate.
  • Core out the stem of your smaller strawberries (tail pieces) and cut in half as well.  Cut a triangular piece out of the wide part of the strawberry to make a fin.
  • Push the tail piece under the cored piece of the larger strawberry for a fish shape.
  • Cut a little triangle at the tip of the larger strawberry to make a mouth.
  • Push a candy eye into the body piece to make your fish complete!

I'm really loving these guys!  Wouldn't it be cute as a cake topper with a whipped cream frosting on vanilla cupcakes?  Almost a strawberry shortcake.