Another Simple Half-Day Bento

I'm telling you, the best part about half-day camps is that you don't have to worry about the kids needing enough food to make it till dinner!  This bento is another one full of Ben favorites without me obsessively making sure we have enough balance to last all day long since camp ended at 1:30pm.  If he decided he wanted more food, he could have a snack at home.

We actually had leftover mac and cheese in the fridge (in the Ninja Turtle shapes) so I added a bit of ranch to it to make it a yummy cold pasta salad.  Ben was not in the mood to add sausage or tuna or peas to it, so he had cold mac and cheese.  I also had plenty of honeydew and grapes, so I divided the second tier of the box in half and added both of those.  Since the official lunch is a little lacking, I did add a yogurt tube and protein bar in case he felt like more food.

Now the box?  It is a favorite of mine that a friend sent me from Japan.  Two tiers with a movable divider in the bottom one, plus a lid that snaps into place, AND it is Perry the Platypus.  Phineas and Ferb is my favorite Disney show, so this box makes me happy in so many ways.