Fit & Fresh Bento for Soccer Camp

This week, the boy is at soccer camp.  I've been sending him lunches, but because they are outside, I've been using a compilation of smaller boxes so I can really pack them well with ice packs around them.  But today?  I remembered that Fit & Fresh sent Ben a box with built in ice packs, so we had to use that.

Ben has two wraps--tortillas with veggie cream cheese, shredded cheese, then either turkey or ham (one of each) for his main course.  I added purple and green grapes in the side boxes, without the smaller boxes since grapes aren't messy, then a few honey bear grahams and pretzels to add a treat.  I've been freezing yogurt tubes and applesauce pouches to act as extra icepacks and Ben reports they are still cold and "slushie-like" by the time he eats them.

We have two other Fit & Fresh boxes like this, with beautiful flowered bags, but Ben was really excited that they introduced more boyish prints so he can take one too!  He got to choose, so he picked the grey & black camo, but there's also a green print camo that I liked as well.