DIY Homemade Lunchable Ideas

Like most kids, my two love the concept of the -able lunches.  I've bought them occasionally over the years, but they are typically not enough food and the kids like the concept over the taste.  It's much easier to make my own, tailored to their tastes and adding in enough extra food to keep them sated.

Cheese & Cracker Stackers (the traditional style box) -
Cheese, crackers, & deli meat for sure!
I also add things like fruits and veggies, boiled eggs, a small treat, etc.

Make Your Own Pizzas (definitely a kid favorite, and more filling than the store version) -
Bread thins make a great crust, plus sauce, pepperonis, shredded mozzarella, and other toppings.
Fruits and veggies round out this meal, or a treat like a granola bar or cookie is fun!

Bistro Boxes/Snack Boxes (similar to one popular coffee shop's offerings) -
Chunks of yummy cheeses, pitas, hummus, veggies, and fruits.
My kids love hummus with their veggies, so carrots and cucumbers are a typical pick.

Chicken Salad & Crackers (similar to those little tuna & cracker packs) -
I premake my chicken or tuna salads at home, but keep it separated from the crackers in a large silicone cup.  Add fruits, yogurt, and don't forget a spoon!

What are your kids' favorite pre-made meals?  Are you going to try making them this year?


  1. We do tortilla chips, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, and taco meat in our lunchables container. We also do the turkey, cheese, and crackers.

    1. That sounds yummy! Also, now I need tacos. :)


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