One Last Day Camp Lunch

Ben actually suggested this lunch to me based on the leftovers in the fridge and I thought it would be an awesome idea.  He wanted the leftover pasta with garlic cream sauce, but he wanted it to be warmed, not a cold pasta salad.

Besides the pasta (we had bowtie pasta as a side with chicken cordon bleu the night before), he picked strawberries and honeydew, along with a protein bar.

To keep the food hot, I boiled water and filled the Thermos, sealing the lid, while I prepped his food.  I heated the pasta and sauce until it was steaming, then quickly dumped the hot water and switched it for the pasta and sauce.  Warming the Thermos seems to keep the food warmer.  We did all this around 8am, and he reported that at 11:30am, his food was actually a bit hot to eat and he had to eat his fruit first!  That's definitely a win.

Lunch is packed in a Thermos Funtainer Food Jar for the pasta and a Goodbyn Snacks for the fruits.