Repurpose Your Thermos Funtainer with Duck Tape

My friend Erin, from Feeling a Little Lunchy, gave me this brilliant idea.

We originally bought our Thermos Funtainers when the kids were little, so they are cute cartoon characters.  The Thermoses themselves are in awesome shape and really don't need to be replaced.  That said, someone is no longer wanting to bring Disney Princesses patterns when she is out and about, so we went ahead and redesigned her Thermos with cute patterns.  It holds up well in the wash and, if she gets bored, we can simply peel it off and make a new design.

To start, pick a pattern or two of Duck Tape.  A single roll wasn't quite wide enough to cover the main area, so Faith wanted to trim hers with purple since it's nearly impossible to line up the circles on her main pattern.

Wrap a layer of tape around the middle of the Thermos, overlapping the ends. Cut and make sure it's smoothed in place.

Cut strips of a second color (we used Duck Tape sheets, but you could also use a smaller roll) and wrap around the top and bottom of the main area, to cover up any remaining exposed area.  We started and stopped along the same seam so only one line shows.

We left the plastic area alone, only covering the metal with tape, and it's like an all new Thermos.  This would be a great idea if you ever find some on clearance with the wrong pattern too, it's such an easy fix!


  1. Ohmigosh!! This is brilliant, Shannon. I've seen people doing it but I wasn't just sure enough whether I'd like to do it. But absolutely why not to re-purpose a thermos water bottle that's been beaten from last year's use. Thanks for this post.


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