Bread Heads, PlanetBox, and Bento

The other week, my friend Amy posted the cutest pirate lunch with little boy and girl pirate faces.  I really really loved the cutter and she sent me in the direction of the Fred & Friends Bread Head cutters.  With the help of my trusty Amazon app on my phone, a couple of clicks later, and the Bread Heads were on their way to my house.  Since I have Prime, they came in on Monday, so today's bento had to feature the new cutters.

I opted for the little girl cutter and made a quick cream cheese and jelly sandwich.  The face stamp acted as a sealer to make a pocket style sandwich, so no jelly leaks.  I added a hair bow pick because I thought it was cute.  Below, I used two of my silicone bow cups.  One holds a rose made out of rolled deli ham, the other holds some fruit snacks.  In keeping with the cuteness, I added my other two bow cups to the smaller compartment and filled them with blackberries, accented with daisy picks.  Lunch is packed in a Planetbox Shuttle.

Above is a closer look at the Fred & Friends Bread Heads.  The face stamps are separate from the frames, so you can cut both pieces of bread first, then make your sandwich before stamping and sealing it together.  Easy to use and very cute!  I see more of these sandwiches in our future.


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  2. Adorable!

  3. I bought this sandwich set recently and haven't used it yet, I'm looking forward to it! Where did you get those adorable silicone cups?

    1. At a Daiso store in California a couple of years ago. All Things for Sale might be a good place to look online. :)


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