Disney Cars Bento Lunch

I was looking through the cupboards the other day and found a Disney Cars box I bought the boy on our trip to California several years ago.  It's actually really cute, so I figured, why not a Cars lunch?

Since I also have Cars cookie press cutters (from Williams Sonoma), I made two sandwiches using them.  Each sandwich took up one slice of bread, so with fillings, it's about the equivalent of a full sandwich (the dog ate the crusts). These two sandwiches are Francesco Bernoulli and Finn McMissile, since they had the cutters that fit the best on the bread I had left. Inside the sandwiches, we have turkey and marbled cheese.

I sliced a kiwi and put it in a silicone cup to keep it from leaking and added a few grapes here and there to stabilize the food.  The silicone cup brushes the lid of the box, so it stays in place fairly well. At the very bottom, I added a granola bar to help hold things tight and for a treat!


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