Kid-Made Bento - Fairies

One of our Girl Scout projects was making bento lunches. At Faith's age, we were emphasizing the girls teaching a skill to the other girls, so Faith got to lead this project. Obviously, she is just a little familiar with the topic.

Our leader had picked up standard lunch fare for the girls and I had brought a ton of my tools for them to use.  Faith gave a quick demo on the topic and they all got to experiment.

She made a ham and cheese sandwich, cut with a Lunch Punch fairy shape.  She used a spare heart pick (these are 100 for $1 at Dollar Tree) to make a wand and I love the extra cheese star cutout.  She added some dry snacks around her sandwich (Nilla wafers and pretzel sticks).  She's my carrot kid, so she added a whole container of carrot sticks, but passed on the peanut butter dips.  She also skewered grapes and carrots on the heart picks to add some fruit and color.  Lunch is packed in one of our Easy Lunchboxes.