Pizza Hummus Bento

I spent this past weekend in Seattle, checking out the International Food Bloggers Conference! Since we live so very close, it was a must-do event for me.  The food was amazing, as one could expect, and there were tons of new products to sample.

I fell in love with the new Pizza Hummus from Sabra. They had samples for bloggers to take home and try, then since I live locally, they sent me home with some of the extra since I could refrigerate it right away.  Of course, single size hummus is perfect for bento lunches.

In this lunch, we chose pita crackers, pepperonis, and chunks of mozzarella cheese to go along with the Sabra pizza hummus.  I also added carrots for more dipping items, and we realized celery sticks would be perfect too.  In terms of fruit, I'm down to strawberries or kiwis, so the kids chose strawberries for today.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.

But with kids, you know what the main question is.  Did they like it?

The Reports:

Faith:  I really liked it.  It had all the delicious flavor of pizza but a nice, soft, smooth version.  I really liked it with the carrots and the crackers and even with the extra pepperoni and cheese.

Ben:  I also liked the size and how it was in the separate little cup, so you could put on what you wanted instead of having it mixed in with the other foods.

Being that lunch was empty, I'm calling it a win!  We'll be sampling some other new products soon, so stay tuned!


  1. Hi this is Shadi from , I met you briefly at IFBC wish I had more time to chat with you :) I love your posts, everything is so cute here :D Thank you for all the brilliant ideas:)


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