Breakfast for Lunch Bento

I was really excited when Chobani contacted me to ask me to create some sample lunches for them, featuring their new yogurt tubes and pouches for kids. F&B eat a lot of yogurt and are more than happy to help with blog projects.

In this lunch, we have a toasted mini-bagel, topped with strawberry cream cheese and strawberry pieces.  You'll notice form the artistic arrangement that I was trying to decide which way looked cuter.  From an eating standpoint, the small chunks are better since you get more per bite.  To go with a breakfast theme, I added a bunny-shaped hardboiled egg and some sliced kiwi, along with a Chobani Kids Greek yogurt tube in the strawberry flavor.  My kiddos like consistency.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.

Check out this lunch on Pinterest here, along with our other Chobani creations!