Cookies and Crafts at IFBC

While at the International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) the other weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a ton of awesome sessions, but my favorite one might have been one that tied in two things I love--cookies and crafting.

I had the pick of several options, but the Krusteaz Hands-On Cookie Swap was just calling my name. I really really really wanted a cookie (this is my usual state of being) and the opportunity for fun crafting and presentation was too good to pass up.

The Krusteaz team had tons of cookies available, for both snacking and for creating some to-go crafts, which was a great chance to sample some of their new flavors.  I brought a few home (since the conference was local and I was staying at my own house and driving in) and the kids loved everything they tried!  Faith is extra partial to the lemon cookies on the far left.

The Krusteaz blogger team was on hand to showcase ideas and the darling printed flags, tags, and other goodies are from HWTM.  Take a look at some of the presentation ideas.

I am in love with the boat idea--wrap the cookies in plastic to keep them fresh, then use a cardboard open box, paper straw, and scrapbook paper to make the sail, twine plus a tag, and the presentation is perfect!

The bag idea is another cute option.  The peek-a-boo window shows the cookies, then the chevron print scrapbook paper adds a pop of color, along with a faux seal (the bag itself is sealed below the printed paper).  Once again, the tag makes the package.

The circular tin was the final idea and would be perfect for a desk (as a former teacher, I advocate cookies).  The top is covered with map printed scrapbook paper and yet another cute tag while the side circles are free cut from a different style paper.  

I'm looking forward to trying a few of these with Christmas cookies and matching papers, exactly what the seminar theme was all about, inspiration!