Friday, October 16, 2015

Easy Toddler Lunch Idea

One of the cool products Chobani sent me for the lunch series they wanted was the Chobani Tots Greek Yogurt Pouches.  We received the Winnie the Pooh ones, which come in either Banana-Pumpkin or Mango-Spinach.  I definitely wanted to create an easy toddler lunch to show them off, and, with my sweet friend moving nearby and bringing my honorary nephews and niece with her, I finally have reason to MAKE toddler lunches again!

Bentos are awesome for toddler meals, especially with separate compartments and small bites of their favorite foods.  In this lunch, we have a peanut butter sandwich (substitute your favorite fillings) cut into bite sized squares with a FunBites cutter, packed in the main container of a Sassy box.  The two side dishes hold chunks of strawberries and grapes (quartered for safety purposes).  We added a Chobani Tots Banana & Pumpkin Greek Yogurt Pouch and accented the food with little Winnie the Pooh forks.  My kids loved picking up food with tiny forks and it's a great fine motor skill too!

Check out this lunch on Pinterest here, along with our other creations for Chobani.


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