Chef Salad Lunch for a Teen!

I had a lot of fun creating these lunches for Chobani for Pinterest and the kids definitely enjoyed eating them.  Now that the girl is older, I wanted to try a fun teen lunch, packed with her favorites.  She has enjoyed chef salads in her lunch since she was little, so it was a great choice to share too.

In this lunch, I made her a quick salad with lettuce, carrots, cucumber, probably some other things too.  I topped the salad with sliced boiled egg and cheddar flowers on top to make it pretty, along with shredded cheese for extra flavor.  To the top, I made her a quick ham rose and added some grapes for fruit.  To the side, she has a Chobani banana yogurt tube.  Dressing is usually packed separately in a tightly sealed container.

Check out this lunch on Pinterest here, along with the rest of my Chobani creations.