Minnie Mouse Bento

My Disneyside is coming out lately!  We're planning a trip to Disneyland with the kids, and right now, we're all about the Mouse!  And what better way to enjoy it than a Minnie Mouse bento box?

In this bento, we have a ham and cheese sandwich on white-wheat, cut out with a Minnie Mouse sandwich cutter.  I set it on a bed of whale crackers since we do love those.  To the left, we have a baby orange (halo maybe?) with a pink Mouse shaped pick and below that is a sliced kiwi with one of my favorite Minnie picks.  Not pictured, I added a yogurt tube.   Lunch is packed in a Planetbox shuttle, which had the red park themed magnets on it today.


  1. You have made a very cool lunch. I wish my mom did the sane foe me when I was small(


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