Spiderman, Spiderman Bento

A little more fun for Chobani, since the one kind of pouches has a Spiderman theme to them.  With Spiderman pouches, you really can't go wrong with a Spiderman lunch.  (Of course, if you're me, you find the other cool Spiderman food picks *after* you create and your child eats the lunch in question.)

In this lunch/snack box, we have two Spiderman sandwiches, on white-wheat bread, and ham and cheese inside them.  I used my Spiderman press cookie cutters to get the design to show.  The middle container holds grapes, blackberries, and a few pretzel nuggets, then a Chobani Kids grape yogurt pouch rounds out the meal.  I added a Spiderman pick to the grapes (turned sideways to shut the box after) and really wish I had found the other Spiderman pick for the blackberries before lunch was eaten.


  1. Now you have an excuse to make another Spider-Man lunch! This is great!!

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  3. Hah this bento lunch s so funny as for me) Though my friend a writer at http://stilusessaywriting.com/ loves spiderman, this bento box would totally suit him.


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