Yoda Sandwich Snack Box

We haven't needed too many lunches in the last few days, but finally had an excuse for a snack box!  And since the new Star Wars movie is coming out very very soon, we just had to make a Yoda sandwich.

Ben is thrilled that I bought white bread for a recipe, so our Yoda sandwich has some great detailing in him!  He's actually ham and cheese on white, cut and pressed with our Williams Sonoma Star Wars cookie cutters.  I added a few of our jumbo grapes to fill in some space (seriously, these grape are massive, you'd have to cut them into quarters for little ones) and a star silicone cup with some S'mores Goldfish crackers.  He also grabbed a yogurt tube since we have plenty of those leftover from a project.


  1. Another creative and amazing lunch! I think I need to get Master 3 into Star Wars...then make a trip to Williams Sonoma!


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