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Have you seen the Minions movie?  Faith and I saw it in the theaters this summer while Ben was at camp and we LOVED it.  Ben, however, has been not-so-patiently waiting for the DVD release, since we never did make it back for a second theater viewing.  Thankfully, that time is almost here and the movie is released in stores on December 8, 2015.

We are all set for a Minions movie night, so I headed off to Target to preorder the movie for us and pick up a few things for a Minions themed dinner.  I love the Target Market Pantry items, so I wanted several of those to plan out out meal. Plus, right now, you get a $5 Gift Card with pre-order of Minions on and the Minions Metalpak Blu-ray/DVD – Deluxe is a Target exclusive with 40 minutes of bonus content.  My kids always love all the extra stuff on DVDs.

But back to that Minions dinner idea!  We love movie nights, but I really need the kids to eat actual food before snacking.  This week, we're making Minions sandwiches, along with fruit cups and Minions sparkle popcorn.  Not only is this adorable for dinner, it's perfect for a bento lunch too.

Minions Sandwiches:
Two slices bread
Your favorite fillings (we're having turkey)
White and orange cheese slices
Two mini chocolate sandwich cookies (just the halves without cream, see applesauce)
A sharp knife
Circle cookie cutters or assorted size lids/cups to cut

Use the biggest circle cutter you have to round the top of your bread, leaving a half-oval shape.  Alternatively, just make a circle.
Make your sandwich with you favorite fillings.
Cut a strip of orange cheese as wide as your bread (maybe an inch high) to make the goggle strap.  Affix it to your bread with a few dots of cream cheese "glue".
Cut one or two circles from white cheese to make the eyeballs, "glue" them to the goggle strap.
Slice the olives in half to get a nice black circle to make the pupil.  Add them on top of the white circles.
Serve & enjoy!

Minions Fruit Cups decorations:
Applesauce or diced fruit cups
Fruit leather
Mini sandwich cookies
Chocolate candies

Open your fruit cups, set aside.
Cut a piece of fruit leather slightly larger than the diameter of each cup to make the goggle strap.
Set it over the cup, letting the ends stick to the sides so it stays in place.
Open up one or two of the sandwich cookies so the white inside filling shows.
Place a brown chocolate candy in the center of the white to make the eyeball.
Put the cookies on top of the goggle strap and serve!

***This tip works perfectly for any Minions goggles!  You can also use wider fruit leather, normal sized sandwich cookies, and the mini sandwich cookies for pupils to make the eyes.***

Minions Sparkle Popcorn
Blue sugar sprinkles
Yellow sugar sprinkles

Pop your popcorn and mix in blue & yellow sprinkles for cute Minion colored popcorn.
If you have candy eyeballs or Minion sprinkles, they make a great popcorn addition.

For more Minions Fun, join the Social Fabric Minions Viewing Twitter Party on December 11th from 7-9pm EST! RSVP at and follow along with the #MinionsMovieNight on Twitter.

Don’t forget to preorder Minions © 2015 Universal Studios, all rights reserved, for your movie night! Illumination Entertainment is the animation film production company that is a subsidiary of Universal Studios and created the Despicable Me franchise.


  1. Such fun snack ideas! I can totally see my kids loving them! #client


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