Another Yoda Bento

The awesome Princess Leia cookie cutter came in a set of 6 cookie cutters, all of which are a bit more cartoon-y versions of popular Star Wars characters.  While I had to have the set because of Leia, I'm really quite font of my new Yoda cutter too!

In this lunch, Ben has a peanut butter and jelly Yoda sandwich on white-wheat bread, cut and pressed with the new Yoda cutter.  The sandwich is resting on a two-deep layer of pretzel grids and has a mini Rice Krispy treat in the same compartment.  To the left, he has a Cutie orange and some grapes, which also underscores the need to buy some different fruits (I swear all we've had lately are grapes and oranges).  Lunch is packed in a Planetbox Shuttle.


  1. Variety is tough in the winter! Super cute!

    1. I know, hardly anything nice available and so pricey. :(


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