Cold Pea Salad with Bacon and Better Bakery Melts

This post was sponsored by Better Bakery, all opinions are my own.

While we love our bento lunches, the kids also have an affinity for warm lunches.  And they extra love warm sandwiches.  This week, we're trying out the Better Bakery handcrafted artisan melts, in Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza and Chicken & Bacon Club flavors.

We hadn't heard of Better Bakery before and after trying their products, we are definitely glad we know now! Better Bakery creates handcrafted, artisan melts, made in small batches for everyone to enjoy.  They stand by the promise of “Always Handcrafted” with each sandwich hand cut, rolled, topped and picked.

We found ours at our local Walmart, but they're also available at Target, Kroger, and several other stores.  Just use the locator on their website to find one near you.  They're stocked in the frozen foods, near other frozen microwavable sandwiches.  We loved both varieties we tried, the kids couldn't even decide on a favorite, but they definitely want to try the other ones too.

This pea salad is the perfect side to a Better Bakery sandwich--cold, crisp peas, bacon and cheese, a creamy mayo dressing, you really can't go wrong.  And a veggie side always fits quite well with a sandwich.

What You Need:
1 package frozen peas (12oz), thawed but not cooked
1/2 cup cooked crumbled bacon
1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/4 cup mayo
2 tablespoon parmesan
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper

How to Make:
Thaw the peas and set aside.  I do this in a colander in the sink while I'm making the rest of the recipe.
Cook and crumble enough bacon for 1/2 cup finished. Alternatively, use real bacon pieces that come precooked.
Mix mayo with parmesan, salt, pepper, and paprika till well blended.
Combine thawed peas, bacon and cheddar, mix well.
Spoon dressing over the pea mixture and toss to coat.
Refrigerate until eating!

Which flavor of Better Bakery Artisan Melts would you most like to try?  Head over to their website to find the retailer nearest you and print a coupon for your purchase.