Finally a Girl Power Star Wars Bento Lunch

Do you know how long I have wanted to make a Star Wars lunch with the female characters?

I have all three sets of the old Williams Sonoma Star Wars cookie cutters (12 in total).  No girls.  I have the gingerbread Star Wars cookie cutters (6 more).  No girls.  I have the Star Wars pancake molds.  Still no girls.

I finally found a set of Rebel Friends cookie cutters (6 more) and there is one Princess Leia cookie cutter!!!!!  Yes, I could have probably figured out how to use other things to make my own Leia sandwich, but that's not really the main point. I wanted an actual Leia cutter!

In this lunch, we have my very very awesome Princess Leia sandwich--ham, cheese, and white-wheat bread because I wanted the facial features to show well.  The easiest way is to make the full sandwich, but only press the pattern onto the top slice of bread separately.  This way, the pattern sticks without messing up the whole sandwich.  After you make that part, just put it back on top of the rest of the sandwich.

I added a Cutie orange and some grapes, along with GoodnessKnows granola squares (these ones are the peach, cherry, almond, & dark chocolate flavor).  To the right, it was very necessary to add a yogurt tube since Rey is on it too!

This lunch is packed in a basic sandwich box.  Depending on what you choose to pack, they can hold a smaller meal or snack.

I had some requests regarding the cookie cutter.  In case you wanted to know what the cookie cutter looks like, here it is.   I ordered it from ThinkGeek.  The others in the set are cute too, but this one make it completely worth it.