Monster Jam Lunch

I was lucky enough to receive tickets to take Ben to see Monster Jam while it was in Tacoma this weekend.  He absolutely loved it and I'd highly recommend it if you have little boys!  (Maybe little girls, but Faith was not into the idea and stayed home.)

Since we saw monster trucks, we decided to try to make a monster truck lunch.

For this lunch, I made a ham and cheese sandwich on white.  I used our LunchPunch transportation truck cutter to cut out the truck's body.  I trimmed a little off the cab "roof" to get the right size I wanted, then cut off the tires to make a curved area for big tires.

I replaced the bread tires with mini chocolate donuts so we had more proportionate tires for a monster truck.  I added a few cheese stripes for a design and used a person food pick to make a driver.  The truck's cargo got turned into a little ramp for the monster truck, so it could do a wheelie on the plate.

And there's grapes, because the lunch needed a fruit too.