A Lunch for My Dad

The kids and I are actually visiting my parents for a week, so no kid lunches are needed!  But, my dad is working a night shift this week and I had ordered him a set of Happy Lunchboxes awhile back, so I offered to pack up our dinner leftovers in one so I could have a blog post!  It was a good reason and he got a lunch, so win-win, right?

For dinner, we had BBQ sausages (along with other dishes) so I used the last two of those to make sausage on garlic buns, topped with some extra peach bbq sauce.  The last of the salad went into to the two corner containers and I added some cheese to the middle containers.  Now, after that, I know he takes soup, muffins, fruit, and other items with him, but I didn't get a running list or a picture of those.  The Happy Lunchboxes hold a decent amount to start for him, so he's used those numerous times already.