Simple Minnie Mouse Lunch

Still feeling a wee bit uninspired lately.  I did find some cute new Minnie Mouse cups on clearance when I was shopping the other day, so they came home with me in the hopes of providing a bit more inspiration.  It's a pretty simple lunch, but I really do like the cups.

In this lunch, we have a ham and cheese Minnie Mouse sandwich, tucked into a sandwich box. The Minnie Mouse cutter, along with the little cups, were a Walmart find.  I filled the extra area around the sandwich with some dry foods (pretzels and a little granola bar).  I was low on fresh fruit, so I opted for some canned pineapple, drained, which went into one of the new Minnie Mouse cups since they matched.  Not pictured, I added yogurt, a cheese stick, and some other snacks.