Up, Up & Away Bento Lunch

Back in March, we flew back home to visit my family.  Since we took Southwest, we had the cutest drink stirrers in our drinks (hot cocoa and tea) which I wanted to save since they had the potential to be really cute food picks.  We had an awesome flight attendant who gave me a couple extra when I told him about the whole blog plan for them.

In this lunch, we have a ham and cheese sandwich on white-wheat, cut into an airplane and cloud with a Lunch Punch transportation cutter.  I flipped the inside cheese plane back to the outside so the plane showed against the cloud.  In the top compartment, I sliced strawberries and added blackberries, skewering them on our very cute SWA drink stirrers, complete with the little hearts on top!  To the left, there are pretzel grids and sliced kiwi, and the center compartments holds a little almond chocolate bark.  Lunch is packed in a PlanetBox Rover, picks were from the airline.