Camping Foil Packs - Breakfast & Dinner

The boy is officially a Boy Scout now, which involves a camping trip about once per month!

In most cases, the boys plan their meals as a group, but this weekend was a bring-your-own food weekend, Ben and I decided to try two new foil pack meals for Saturday night's dinner and Sunday morning's breakfast.  The boys left Saturday morning and there were coolers available to keep the food safe overnight.

For breakfast, I had already purchased hash brown patties when they were on sale last week.  From Girl Scout camp, I knew they'd heat well on the campfire and they tend to cook quickly.  We paired that with precooked chicken sausage patties.  I don't normally buy precooked sausage, but for camp, the last thing we needed was raw pork!

To make these, we sprayed foil sheets with a splash of butter baking spray, then set the hash browns on top of the sprayed area.  Place the sausage patties on top of the hash browns, wrap, and freeze till serving.  I usually spray the first bit of foil I use to wrap with a bit more bake spray to keep things from sticking.  To cook, just toss your foil packs on the fire grate and turn occasionally.  About 10 minutes is a pretty safe bet.

For dinner, I went with a similar concept.  I had bought precooked grilled chicken at Costco a few weeks ago when we wanted to make chicken alfredo flatbread pizzas, and I had most of the box left.  I had one sausage left from another recipe, so I sliced some of that too, then added tater tots which both the boy and the husband like.

To make these, spray the foil sheets to prevent sticking, then place a grilled chicken piece in the middle.  Cover the grilled chicken with a layer of sliced sausage, then top that with a layer of tater tots.  This is where a second set of hands comes in handy!  Spritz the rest of the foil with bake spray and wrap tightly.  Once again, toss the packets on the fire grate to cook, turning them a few times, 10-15 minutes or so.

The after-camp reviews were great--apparently, they had the best food! Ben is already helping me come up with new ideas for the next campout.


  1. This is a great idea. I will have to try something similar on our next campout.

    1. Thanks! We are keeping a list of ideas for future campouts. Ben suggested chicken patties with some red sauce and mozzarella. :)


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