Dinosaur Lunch Plate

I'm finally starting to feel some creative inspiration seeping back into life.  I swear that a bit of a break did me wonders.  So, to celebrate, we made dinosaur plates!

You can make them too--all you need is a dinosaur sandwich cutter.  I recommend the DynoBytes from the Dollar Tree.  This is what you're looking for on Amazon, but I see them at the dollar store frequently, so go there!

On this plate, I made ham and cheese sandwiches on white-wheat, cutting them out with a DynoByte cutter, and adding two sugar eyes to make them look cuter.  The tree trunk is a granola bar (I had Nature's Valley Oat & Honey ones handy) and the tree leaves are peeled Cutie orange sections.  I realized after that we could have made a really cute hill out of a banana half, but the kids ate the last bananas at breakfast.