Fish Bowl Bento Lunch

Long time, no blog!

After a combo of 3 weeks of traveling and another two for a mental break, we're back and ready to share new lunch and food ideas.  Being that this blog turns 9 years old in a couple of months, a short break was just what was needed for me.  The kids and I have been planning some new ideas as we expand to some extra foods along with our bento lunches.

Today's lunch was supposed to be a little girl with sunglasses BreadHead sandwich cutters, except the bread I bought did not take the pressed design well at all.  No worries!  I kept playing with the larger shape and realized that it kind of looked like a fishbowl!

So upside down it went, then I added a small strip of blue water with a bit of a fruit roll-up and a few Goldfish crackers to "swim".  Since the main design changed, I swapped our original box for a Planetbox Shuttle.  The side options also had to be adjusted, so I added sliced kiwi with a dolphin pick and a peeled cutie orange with a whale pick.  As always, there's other random sides not pictured (yogurt, granola bars, and the like), no reason to add those in till later.