Ladybug Lunch for Spring Bento

It's feeling like spring in Washington right now. Being that it's the end of April, I really really hope I'm right too!  I am loving the sunshine and opening the windows to let in the fresh air.

To celebrate, we needed a spring themed lunch, and what says spring like ladybugs?

In this lunch, I made 3 ladybug sandwiches, ham and cheese on white-wheat.  I cut multiple circles from two slices of bread, plus the meat and cheese to make mini-sandwiches.

I used extra cheese to try two different wing shapes, semi-circles and pointed ovals, then used a straw to poke holes for the ladybug spots.  I added eyeball picks to make faces and hold the sandwiches together.

In the bottom compartments, I peeled a cutie orange and added a ladybug pick and finished the rest of the blackberries with a bee and butterfly pick.  Not pictured, I included a yogurt and a granola bar that didn't look cute in the box.

What we used: