Make an Easy Captain America Shield Sandwich

Ben and I got a chance to go see Captain America: Civil War on Monday as a special blogger/media sneak preview.  We both really enjoyed it and are both on #TeamCap, although I had to say #TeamIronMan so Ben could get one of each button while we were at the preview.  In honor of the movie coming out this weekend, we made a Captain America Shield Sandwich and we are showing you how to make one too!

Unlike some thematic bentos, this one doesn't require any special kitchen tools.

You'll need one small star cookie cutter and a set of nesting circle cookie cutters if you have them or several sizes of cup or jar lids if you don't.   We chose sandwich thins for our sandwich base so we already had a circle to start with, and two colors of cheese (cheddar and swiss) helped form the shield.

How to Make a Captain America Shield Sandwich:
  • Choose a circle cookie cutter slightly smaller than your sandwich round and cut one circle from a slice of cheddar cheese.
  • Using the two size down circle cookie cutter, cut the middle out of your cheddar circle, leaving a ring.  Set it aside and save your smaller circle for later.
  • Using the next two size down circle, cut a circle from the swiss cheese for the center of the shield.
  • Take your star cookie cutter and cut a star from your remaining cheddar cheese and another from the center of your swiss circle.
  • Gently lift out the swiss star and replace it with the cheddar.  Set aside.
  • Make your sandwich, using the remaining bits of cheese as filler.
  • Carefully set the shield star/circle in the center of your sandwich, using a dab of cream cheese to hold it in place.
  • Place the remaining cheddar ring around the center circle, and add a few dots of cream cheese so it stays in place too.
  • Pack up your sandwich in a sandwich box and you're done!

Are you going to see Captain America: Civil War this weekend?  Are you on #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan?

I'll be honest, I am not completely up to date on my Marvel films, so I had a few questions for Ben, but it is really an enjoyable movie!

After several of the Avengers' battles have resulted in collateral damages, the governments of many countries request a larger system of accountability for the Avengers.  This request splits the Avengers into two factions--Captain America versus Iron Man, with the rest of the Avengers choosing sides against one another.  All the while, outside forces are threatening while the internal turmoil is brewing.

Captain America: Civil War is the beginning of phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Antman makes his first appearance in an Avengers movie (we loved Antman) and a new superhero, Black Panther, is introduced to the storyline.  The next couple of years are going to feature a ton of awesome new Marvel movies, we can't wait!

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