Mickey Mouse Bento

I almost named this post M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E bento, but there's some theory about simple post names and what people search for.  But now I'm *singing* the Mickey Mouse song, thanks to my initial idea.

We actually have a good number of Mickey themed cookie cutters that I purchased at Disney, but Mickey is a pretty simple shape to recreate--one larger and two smaller circles.

In this lunch, we have Mickey shaped quesadillas, cut with one of our Mickey shaped cookie cutters. Rather than keep up with the cookie cutters, I used a mini muffin with two blueberries to make the ears, then created cucumber and melon shaped Mickeys with the larger and smaller circles combo.

Want a quick tip to make the ears stay put on the head shape?  Use broken bits of dry spaghetti noodles!  They act like toothpicks, but they soften from being in the fruits and veggies so they will come apart or be soft enough to eat.

This lunch was styled for a specific purpose, so normally, I'd choose a larger, flatter box and separate the fruits and veggie from the sandwich and muffin.  It was just too cute an idea not to share!