#TeamCap or #TeamIronMan Bento

The boy and I were lucky enough to score a pair of media preview tickets (yay blogging!) last night for Captain America: Civil War at the Imax in Seattle.

He loved the movie and made sure to explain it to me afterwards, since I have not seen all the Marvel movies by far.  (His advice?  See Age of Ultron and Winter Soldier before watching Civil War.)  I, on the other hand, saw plenty of lunch potential in the movie.

So, are you #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan?  Despite having buttons saying both, Ben is decidedly #TeamCap.  I have to agree with him, but I did say #TeamIronMan so he could have both buttons.

In this lunch, Ben has a Captain America and an Iron Man sandwich, made from ham and cheese on white wheat.  Despite being Team Captain America, I am sure he will eat both of them.  They're made with press cookie cutters I bought many many years ago at Williams Sonoma.  Underneath the  sandwiches, there are a couple of cranberry chip cookies I made the other day and he picked cantaloupe and strawberries from our fruit stash.  Not pictured, I added yogurt and a cheese stick to up the protein count a little bit.

Make sure to come back on Friday for another Captain America: Civil War lunch, and we'll tell you our thoughts on the movie too!