Make an Easy Fish Sandwich!

We're still on our Finding Dory kick (seriously, go watch it, it's awesome)!  And we generally like marine life things anyhow.  The boy is even off to marine life camp in a few weeks, learning about the ones that inhabit Puget Sound.

We've been playing around with all sorts of fun food ideas when we came up with this fish sandwich! It's easy to make and requires no fancy schmancy tools or crazy skills, just hearts, circles, and sandwich fixings.

What You Need:
Round sandwich bread
Some kind of filler (we picked turkey)
One slice orange cheese
One slice white cheese
Dabs of cream cheese, if you need the decorations to stick in place
Tiered heart cutters (mine are from the dollar store)
A small and medium circle cutter (or bottle caps or something like that)

How To Make:

Choose three consecutive heart cutters to make your decorations.  I used the three smallest, but it will depend on your set.
Layout your cheese slices.
From one color, cut 1 largest heart, 1 smallest heart, and the larger of the two circles.
From the other color, cut 2 largest hearts, 1 medium heart, and the smaller of the two circles.

Lay the bottom piece of your circle bread flat on your surface.
Place the top and bottom fins (largest hearts), tail, (largest heart) and lip (smallest heart) in place, "glue" down with cream cheese if needed.
Add your sandwich fillings on top.
Place the top bread in place.  The fins, tail, and lips should all be peeking out around the circle.
Place the side fin (medium heart) in place with cream cheese behind.
Place the smallest circle on top of the largest circle and add the eye in place with cream cheese too.
And voila! A fish sandwich, ready to eat!

Hope your kids love it as much as mine did!  It reminds us a little bit of Baby Dory!